Once considered a useless waste, coconut coir has now become an important ingredient of soil mixes. Coir is actually a hair-like material that is separated from the fibrous inner shell of the tropical fruit. With time, it is increasingly becoming a more suitable substitute for peat moss (a soil amendment). There are many reasons why the coconut coir soil mix offers better results than the peat-based products. Let’s have a look. First of all, coconut coir has a neutral pH level, while its peat mixtures are quite acidic. The majority of pot plants, including flowers and vegetables, grow and thrive in neutral or alkaline media. So, if you are using peat-based soil mixes, you will also need to use agricultural lime to neutralize the acidic behavior of that vegetation compost. But if you use a coconut coir soil mix, you don’t need to buy and add agricultural lime to the planting bed.

Now, let’s talk about the reason for which peat or coconut coir is used in the first place in any soil mix, i.e., for keeping the soil less compactable and ensuring good drainage and aeration. Coconut coir also offers good moisture and aeration management as peat if not better. For instance, it also gradually breaks down to keep the soil aerated and far from compactness. Moreover, it also strikes a perfect balance of moisture in the bed. The breaking down of the coir ensures excessive water from the pot/soil can drain away. But at the same time, it also makes it certain that the plant doesn’t experience drought-like situation- thanks to its fibrous nature that wicks away and holds onto moisture needed for the plant’s growth.

So, if you use a coconut coir soil mix in your planting pots, you don’t have to worry about their drainage, watering, and aeration. The coir content will take care of these issues. There is one more thing that makes coconut coir a better replacement of peat, i.e., its sustainable and eco-friendly nature. Large-scale peat production entails an entire manufacturing process spanning a long duration and needing large landfills to work. On the other hand, coir is a byproduct of the fruit production that doesn’t require any additional resources and efforts. This sustainability of the coir also makes its soil products more affordable than other soil mixes. In short, using coconut coir soil mix in your plant beddings makes sure you can grow your pot plants while getting around all the constraints of container harvesting.