Although there are many stores that have garden supplies in the real world, just like our garden, sometimes we don’t have the time or energy to get in the car, drive to the store, pick out and search for what we need, wait in line, check out, load up and then drive home. You can get worn out just thinking about it, can’t you? Well in this blog we will help you find out how to get the most out of the online option. There are some big brands out there and some big home and garden places out there that we all know of course, but, if you know how to use google then it can be easier finding what you need. We don’t want to disregard all of the big companies out there, but smaller companies can at times have a better or more focused selection. First, know what you’re looking for. It helps tremendously to focus and not be distracted by sales for other items. Know what you want, write it down, and then get to work on finding things.

Once we’ve found what we’re looking for, write down your product number and anything that sets that product apart. Mark down the price as well. It’s helpful to have a notepad handy or to use a notes app on your computer etc. You’ll want to keep everything there because you’ll be comparing prices online. Take this information and you can use that to price shop via Google shopping or even Amazon. There is no preferred way to search or where to search-remember that we want not just the best price but, sometimes it’s worth it to pay a bit more if a company offers free shipping, or warranties etc. Depending on how much you’re buying, you may be able to bundle things or group things together because some companies offer free shipping if you purchase over a certain amount of weight.

The final step, and it may not be your favorite, is to sign-up for different companies’ newsletters or email lists. Some of the work can be done for you by companies. They will select sales and groups of items that are on sale or in season and if you know this ahead of time, it can help you prepare. It can even help you to price shop as some companies have price-matching. Thanks for reading and hopefully you’ll find these tips useful.