Now that summer is coming to a close, you’re probably like many others in that you really want to get out into the garden. You’ve gone to the hardware store and you’ve selected several new tools and you’re ready to go. You now need to find the best garden tool bag around. Worry not gardener, this blog is here to help you find that tool bag that suits your needs and your wants. The blog will go over some of the best rated tool bags out there and go over some of their information for your convenience. Read on and happy gardening.

The first tool bag we look at is from Ensign Peak and it is their deluxe gardening bag in gray. Featuring durable and strong double-handles this deluxe bag also features ten outside pockets and 4 inside. The inside pockets are spacious and let you carry extra soil, a plant, duct tape or just about anything you need. The outside pockets let you store those hand tools that you’ll need as you make your way through your garden. At 9 inches tall and 12 inches wide, this tote isn’t just durable and spacious, it’s comfy to hold with its 5-inch strap drop that gives you plenty of room for moving and sorting. The Ensign Peak Deluxe tote is made of high-quality polyester and has vinyl backing. Our next tool bag is the Bucket Boss tote 70012. Exceptionally well-made the Boss has a gate-mouth that allows you to sort with interior tool loops and enough space to get the job done. Don’t remember how much space you’ll need for that planter of tulips? That’s fine because you’ll just need to reach down to the included tape measurer clip and grab it. The boss really sets itself apart with its metal handle with rubber foam grip for comfort. This is the big boss of tool bags and it shows with its sharp brown and green accents.

Our final selection is the Wolf Garten Deluxe Garden Tote. This has the most pockets of any of our bags on the list with 18 of them and is durable and sturdy just like the other totes. Wolf Garten is a tool-maker so this bag is designed for their tools but will fit tools from other companies as well. If space is what you need, then this is the tote for you. It features 16 x 12.6 x 10.4 inch dimensions. Thanks for reading and come back soon.