Gardening is a collective name of activities such as digging, planting, pruning, weeding, cutting, and harvesting. This means you can’t take care of your garden and make the most of your hobby if you don’t have the right tools to carry out all those individual tasks. If you are just starting out as a hobbyist gardener, then these are some tools that you need to invest in. Let’s start with the most basic tools that you need right from the start while setting up a garden or backyard vegetation space, i.e., trowel and digging spade. A good quality trowel allows you to make the planting beds with the least effort. Similarly, a spade is needed to ensure you can level out the ground for your sapling choices.

A garden knife and pruning shears are also quite essential for everyday gardening upkeep. If you have a lot of flowering plants in your garden, then you will need to trim and prune the stems very often. Pruning shears ensure that you get rid of the unwanted parts of the plant with good precision. On the other hand, gardening knives come in useful when you have to cut large parts (sticks, fruits) fully. If you are dealing with thick shrubbery while pruning, then go for shears that come in long handles. It will make your trimming jobs less hectic. Rake is an item that you will need to clean up the plant bedding. It also helps you in identifying unwanted weed growth around your sown plants.

But there is an alternative of rake that we would like you to consider. It is called garden gark, and usually offers 3-in-1 functions of a soil sifter, rake, and a shovel. By picking a garden gark, you can save on tool shopping and can also keep your gardening bag lightweight. Speaking of gardening bag, it is an accessory that should be part of your shopping if you are buying tools for the first time. Options like a deluxe gardening bag make sure you can fit most of your tools in a single carrier. It features four interior and ten exterior pockets that offer you ample space and partitions to easily catalog your gardening tools. Also, deluxe gardening bags are fitted with sturdy straps so you can easily carry them around without worrying about tools falling apart and without fatiguing your hands and forearms.