Plants are living beings that need care and nourishment on a constant basis, just like us humans. Many hobbyists don’t exercise the needed diligence; they get careless about their gardens and vegetation spaces as the initial excitement wears down. If you are also one of those home gardeners who are guilty of this recklessness resulting in plants dying and decaying, then read on because we are going to discuss some measures that you can take to bring your beloved pot plant back to life. After spotting the plant that seems near its demise, identify its dead and living parts. See if there are still some undecayed roots or green stems. This will give you a fair idea about the chance that you have to save that plant. After this initial identification, trim down and shed all the dead parts of the plant.

Now, it’s time to identify the problem. While you are at it, order any good quality organic potting soil online because you will need it at later stages. In order to identify the problem, there is a simple matrix you need to follow. First, see the water profile of the water. If a plant has not been watered enough, it will show drooping dry brown leaves with soil being visibly hard and arid. In that case, start moderately watering your plant two times a day and put it at a spot where humidity levels are high, and sunlight doesn’t fall directly. On the other hand, an overly watered plant exhibit wilted leaves turning yellow with soil that is moist to touch. In such cases, it is better to move the pot where excess evaporation can help the plant in recuperating in the next couple of days. Also, move the plant to another pot with a fresh soil mix (the organic potting soil you have ordered online).

If a dying plant shows stunted growth with stems appearing weaker than normal, then it needs more sun. Similarly, the overdose of sunlight can also lead to the demise of a plant. The excess of sunlight can be seen on leaves with dark and bleached spots and sagging. Most importantly, give a new planting bed to your dying plant with a fresh organic soil regardless of the reason behind its decaying. If you have a garden to take care of, then buy organic potting soil online. Having a good mix of organic soil at your immediate disposal will make sure you can promptly deal with any such instance.