There is nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite plants do well. For some of us, that means watching tiny seeds push through the soil and grow into sprouts that turn, slowly, into big and beautiful plants over the course of the growing season. Other might enjoy going to the nursery to pick out full grown plants that they can pop in the soil; watching these mature plants thrive and grow even bigger is a special sort of satisfaction that only gardeners can really appreciate. However you like to grow plants, in your home or in your garden, you know that there are some elements that remain the same. The plants have to have the right amount of moisture, the perfect amount of sunlight and the perfect blend of fertilizer to really do their best in their environment. The secret to a thriving plant, whether it’s a flower or vegetable, is premium potting mix in which to grow.

What makes a premium potting mix really great for growing plants? The best potting soils have some features in common that you can look for whenever it comes to refreshing your current pots or starting new ones. First, a great potting soil is going to be able to hold onto moisture for longer. Gardeners know that planters don’t retain water as well as the soil does; evaporation can whisk away a lot of the moisture before the plant has time to soak it up through its roots. Many potting soils use a special water-saving gel or polymer that will help the soil to retain water long enough for the plant to get what it needs. Next, a great soil will offer fertilizer to help your plants gain their optimal health and size. The fertilizer in a great soil will be a slow-release fertilizer that can keep your plants fed for months at a time.

When you are shopping for potting soil, be sure to examine the packaging carefully to ensure that you have the right one for your plants. If you prefer to see your plants grow from seeds, you should opt for a soil that will nourish seedlings as they push to the surface. A planter that might move indoors during the winter months should contain indoor/outdoor soil for the best results. Give your plants their best shot at a long and fruitful life when you use the right potting soil!