It is a common notion that indoor plants need less care than outdoor plants. There is no doubt that the upkeep of indoor plant pots involves less hassle, but only if you have adopted the right planting practices for them. In this context, what type of potting soil you choose plays an integral role. Experts believe that picking right potting soil for indoor plants can cut your planting and gardening labor in half. For instance, indoor plants are very particular about the type of chemical environment they want in their soil bed. There are plants that need soil that is more enriched in nitrogen. Then there are some species that thrive in a relatively acidic medium.

If you want your indoor plants to grow and glow like the way you have seen them in pictures and brochures, then factor in their chemical needs while buying potting soil for them. Products like Espoma potting soil strike a perfect chemical balance of different ingredients to give a perfect medium for the majority of indoor plants to grow. The next thing that you need to focus on is the water characteristics of indoor plants. Keep in mind that the majority of indoor plants don’t have high absorption values as their outdoor counterparts. Moreover, potted plants also have limited draining, while less or no exposure to sunlight also cuts down the levels of evaporation. These are the reasons why you need to buy potting soil that has good absorption characteristics to relieve the plant from excessive moisture. If you find maintaining this balance difficult, then get potting soil that inherently has these properties.

For instance, a soil mixture with Myco-Tone offers great water retention along with making roots more tolerant of drought stress. In short, such a soil mix allows you to maintain the growth of your indoor plant without overwatering or underwatering it. Espoma potting soil has Myco-Tone content. So, investing in it is worth your gardening expenses. While picking a potting soil for indoor plants, also ensure if it is compaction-resistant. Indoor plants are already confined in pots and containers where soil compaction only entail detrimental outcome for the growth and nourishment of roots. And without thriving and growing roots, you can’t make your indoor flora look stunning. Regarding root growth, we would like to recommend Espoma potting salt because it guarantees that roots can get all the required nutrients from within the limited span of the pot.