Not everyone has vast pastures at their disposal to satisfy their passion for gardening. In urban settings where homes are of moderate square footage, containers and raised beds offer a good and space-efficient alternative to plant lovers. But we have to understand that no plant has a pot or a raised wooden bed as its natural habitat. For that matter, it is your responsibility to provide them an environment where they can grow as close to their natural habitation as possible. Case in point, you can use a soil mix that ensures the optimal growth of plants sown within a container. Products like Premier Pro Mix Potting Soil are particularly designed for all those plants that use containers as their planting beds. So, what are those properties which make potting soil a better alternative of regular garden soil for container plants? Let’s have a look.

A product like Premier Pro-Mix Potting Soil contains a number of ingredients that collectively hold onto nutrients and water. Containers sometimes have a drainage system that also results in the wastage of valuable nutrients needed for plant growth. In this context, a soil mix with good nutrient retention properties ensures container plants can grow the way they ideally should. Moreover, potting soil also includes ingredients that make sure there exists a balance of aeration and drainage. Items like perlite, peat, bark, coconut coir bark and vermiculite are often used to ensure the potting soil remains less compactable than regular gardening soil. By keeping the soil less compact, you can actually let the roots of a plant breathe that are already confined within the walls of a container.

While gardening soil usually comes in a couple of variants, there is a laundry list of the type of potting soils tailored for different plant species. For example, you can find potting soils that are composed for keeping plants that need a more acidic environment. Similarly, there are products that are branded as water-holding soil mixes. Some offer good aeration value (Premium Pro Mix Potting soil has both these properties). In short, you can get a soil mix that is customized for your particular gardening settings and behavior. A water-holding mix, for instance, will come in handy for all those individuals who often forget to water their plants. One more thing, using a good-quality potting soil mixes makes sure you don’t need to add other compounds to the planting bed. Potting soils like Premium Pro Mix already have fertilizers, compost, and other items that you need to buy separately with regular garden soil.